A Few Of Our Favourite Things


Okay so I thought I’d start sharing some things that are keeping us pretty happy at the moment. And it really is the simple things!

What with it getting a little nippy both in and out, little man and I are embracing Autumn, with the help of these little numbers…


For Him…


Aren’t these so cute! Am loving these Swedish made Moccis, they are perfect for growing feet that are increasingly zipping about the place. Made entirely of natural materials, they feel lush. Monty seems to be happy wearing them on his various missions in mischief.


For Us


We’ve been using this Connecta sling for over a year now and it’s fantastic. I tried several and this was the best. It’s versatile (they do loads of lovely swatches) it’s portable and it is super easy to use – as well as comfy. I’ve been putting Monty in this more and more recently on our little morning walks in a bid to a) make the most of watching the season change and b) to redress the balance after quite a protracted period of cheese consumption.


For Me


As part of the season changing, the Salt Water sandals have gone in the pending tray of shoe stocks and made way for the fleece lined Vans. Okay, so I got these in the States last year and they are toasty! Again, versatile and perfect for our recent stomps 🙂 This is definitely a case of wishing I’d bought two pairs!



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