About Me


Hello! I’m Sonia, fun loving and curious by nature. I misplaced a significant amount of my adult life to mental illness. Having been diagnosed with bipolar late in my twenties at professionally a pretty successful time, which was so important to me, working as a photographer and journalist; the fallout has been mega, with spin cycles of varying degrees and a number of challenges along the way. 

I always considered myself a passionate person and lost that, thinking it wouldn’t come back and assigned it to younger me. For twelve years, I was navigating a path which didn’t feel 100% mine. I was a zombie for much of it, medicated in one way or another; often scared to look in the mirror through fear of what I had become.

Things have often been near hopeless, yet I always knew I wanted to find that kernel of me again, who knows playfulness and feels joy. For years there has been terrific shame, many senses of failure and vulnerability; though it now feels like a breakthrough is taking place and I’m finding my personal power.

I’m determined to make something of a life that went missing. I’m determined to make that missing count for something. After years of hard work and different types of therapy, I’m getting back in touch with the person I’d lost and having fun again; rediscovering passions and making adventure part of life again. I’m doing this with my little boy, whom I encourage to live a life with open eyes, an open heart and kindness.

I am writing this blog to creatively get back out into the world, like I once used to do. To do this at the start of a new chapter of life is very exciting, one where I’m finding my voice and truly experiencing that light. I hope to inspire others to do the same, to find their authenticity amidst the sometimes chaotic landscape of mental illness and whatever form that takes.