Music is there when it’s too late to reach out for a chat, music is there to dance and sing to when you feel powerful, music can seem to empathise with loneliness.

I’ve always made lots of playlists, especially so in the last years. These have drawn out emotions which have helped me, even heal me in some moments. Some of these have been a little as two or three songs; other lists lasting days.

Making these selections in my basement, which is a really fortunate thing to have, where no one else can see or hear me has been a source of great escape, fun and solitude on many occasion.

There’s so much research about the positive impact of singing on wellbeing, and goodness knows who doesn’t love to belt them out? 

Gigs too, or festivals, always captivate my imagination and can feel totally absorbed with the sound and vision of a live show. It can be incredibly freeing. Plus there’s the added bonuses of potentially dancing a jig and meeting others interested in similar acts, so can help build a sense of solidarity and belonging even.

I was enthused to hear lately that music, like nature, is soon to be offered on prescription, as part of a ‘social prescribing’ measure to help prevent ill health, such is its power. I’m keen to see how this rolls out!

Another valuable resource we readily have available, and I love, is the Desert Island Discs archive. It’s such an interesting listen as well as being a great source of escape and inspiration. Personal faves include John Peel, Vidal Sassoon and David Byrne‘s selections and stories.