Being surrounded in nature in and by whatever form, trees, mountains, water, seems to have a profound impact on my state of mind. It’s something that can easily slip though when I get back out into nature I’m always struck by how it makes me feel.

Some years ago, I was in an awful, dreadful state. I was staying at my mum’s where she encouraged me to go outside with her to help plant out some vegetables. I really felt debilitated, like I absolutely couldn’t move yet she eventually persuaded me.

Something profound happened. As I dug into the soil and felt the sensation of the spade going into the ground and later my fingernails being caked in mud, something shifted for me. Okay, it wasn’t a lightening quick recovery from depression that followed but a glimmer of hope, purely by being connected to the earth.

Maybe it’s because there’s perspective, or a simple sensory thing that happens, or observations that make me escape. I just love it. Now my garden is an ever changing sanctuary, one where I’m always generating ideas, learning new things and paying attention to birdsong.

A newsletter which pops into my inbox each week is from this lovely lot¬†There’s something so English and celebratory about their content, which invokes feelings of calm and joy without even stepping outside!

How incredible too, to recently hear that the NHS in the Shetland Isles have started to prescribe nature, as a method to both combat and prevent illnesses, including mental health issues. It’s kind of odd that we’ve become so detached from these simple things that we need to have prescriptions, but I get it, and this is such a positive move.¬†